SAME National Engineering & Construction Camps

Are you on an engineering track in high school? Do you want to work as part of a real engineering or construction project team this summer? The Engineering and Construction Camps provide students an opportunity to broaden their engineering knowledge and apply problem solving techniques while competing among their teams.


SAME Engineering and Construction Camps are still moving forward as planned.  We are continuing to monitor the situation with COVID-19 very closely. We are awaiting guidance from the CDC and the American Camps Association (ACA). Below is the latest information from ACA.

ACA has had the opportunity to connect with the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as they develop COVID-19 guidance for day and overnight camps for this summer. The CDC’s guidance will help state public health authorities and camp directors with their summer decisions, as well as utilize best practices in health management, community management, and camp operations.

A final decision on the camps will be made by May 8th.

We are also looking for volunteers to support camp staff during the camps.  More information can be found at https://www.same.org/stemcamps 

Exploring Engineering Academy - Atlanta

We are very excited to celebrate our 20th Year Anniversary of Exploring Engineering STEM Academy as a VIRTUAL Camp for our bright high school students.This year COVID-19 has been challenging as you well know, however, we still wanted to provide a VIRTUAL STEM Academy for our aspiring youth.  

Each session will be provided via ZOOM for approximately one hour with time for Questions and Answers from our Professional Engineer community of mentors! Thank you all very much to helping in opening the minds of our youth towards an exciting STEM career!

Please, note that Student Registrations and Adult Mentors & Chaperones Volunteer Sign-Ups are now OPEN using the links below:


This year’s Academy is also proud to be Celebrating in conjunction with the 100 Year SAME Celebration. Please, sign up today as a Mentor/Q/A as we have a full week of fun Engineering Presentations


Started in 2008, the SHARE (Shaping Hope and Recovery Excellence) Military Initiative at the Shepherd Center in Atlanta provides comprehensive curriculum of care, specifically tailored to meet the needs of service members who have sustained a traumatic brain injury (TBI). This is a customized program that is tailored to the needs of the individual. Therapies include: physical, occupational, vocational, cognitive and psychological treatment. The program includes complimentary residential housing; life coaching; therapeutic recreation; legal and financial counseling; peer support and PTSD counseling. Thanks to the very generous donations of many, including the Wounded Warrior Program, but especially Bernie Marcus and the Marcus Foundation, the SHARE program is offered to those service members at no cost. The government (VA system) does not promote or support this program. It is funded and maintained through charitable donations of individuals and organizations.

Cost per person to go through this three month program is approximately $35,000. If a client has insurance, their insurance providers pay 38 cents of every dollar’s cost of care, on average. The Shepherd Center must raise $70,000 per month to keep the program running. With the rise of suicides in our returning service members (22 per day reported), SHARE is proud that it has a zero percent suicide rate among its graduates. Please help us spread the word about SHARE Military Initiative at Shepherd Center. For more information, Visit SHARE’s website for more information visit www.shepherd.org/share.

SAME Atlanta Post provides dinner once a month for the residents and staff of the SHARE program. 1-2 volunteers are need each month to assist in taking dinner and staying to eat with the residents and staff. This time with the residents will help them with socialization and re-engaging in social activities and as they adjust to having interaction with new people. Beth Harris is the point of contact for the Shepherd Center’s SHARE Military Initiative. If you have questions or if you are interested in volunteering, please contact Cindi McAdams at [email protected].